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Travel Polaroidy

Our travel agency is focused on athletes traveling to races or sport camps. We will take care of your transportation, so you can concentrate on your performance!


There is no such thing as a non-standard request for us. Choose which of our services you need and CONTACT US!

Air tickets
Group travel
  • Analysis of the market

  • Understanding of the athletes needs

  • Special requests

  • Special services for travelling groups of 10+ people

  • Flexible payments in installments

  • Flexible cancellation policies

  • Traveller names can be modified up until 10 days prior to departure

Sport equipment transport
  • Providing transportation boxes or bike bags

  • Assistance in packing your bike

  • Recommendation of which visas are required, where, when and how to apply 

  • Recommendation of the right location

  • Recommendation of hotels and apartments

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